Light streaming forth from the darkness, high contrast, and vibrant color are all themes I like to employ in my art. The goal is to use these in balance to create a sense of drama or mood that will draw the viewer in.

I paint both from life and from imagination. Still life and portraits are always painted directly from a live model or actual objects in the studio. For landscape, I usually prefer to take a portable easel and work outdoors.

Rather than draw the subject out in pencil or charcoal beforehand, I typically begin with a very loose sketch done oil paint and just dive in. In fact, many of my better paintings are those painted spontaneously, finishing the entire work in one or two sessions; though these are fairly rare! Most paintings evolve over a course of days or weeks of tweaking and adjusting in what I like to call an ongoing "battle" between me and the canvas. These tend to have more "texture" due to the paint build up! 

Tracy Tramm's works can be found in many private collections and have been shown in numerous galleries and businesses throughout the Puget Sound area, including: The Artist's Gallery of Seattle, Two Vaults Gallery in Tacoma, The Transit Gallery in Puyallup and others. For questions or pricing, please click the Contact link above or send an email to Trace1@q.com.